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2011 Medical App Awards

ScrubdIn — 4/21/2011
MediBabble is an impressively powerful and comprehensive (and free!) mobile medical interpretation tool with great utility for clinical settings — a true must-have for any individual involved with health care delivery!
iMedicalApps Review

Free iPhone medical translation app sets a new standard: MediBabble Translator

Amit Patel, MD, — 3/15/2011
Academic Life in EM Review
Ever since my post about the top medical apps, I have been inundated with people asking me to review their apps. One has stood out. MediBabble.
Google Translate and MediBabble are revolutionizing real-time translation.

Michelle Lin, MD, Academic Life in EM — 2/17/2011
A real killer app...I gave it a go in two of its five languages (Mandarin and Russian) and it performed excellently, getting it right in both tone and content.

Tim Scorer, — 3/21/2011 Review
IVLine Review
Medibabble is easy to navigate, a great resource and best of all it's free, courtesy of a talented group of medical professionals.

Aaron Sparshott, — 2/25/2011
Until the universal translator conceived of in the Star Trek television series becomes a reality [MediBabble] may be the handiest and most cost-effective next-best-thing.

Todd Vandenbark, University of Utah Eccles Health Sciences Library — 3/15/2011
Univ Utah Health Sciences Library Review
Sam Ko, MD Review
Truly amazing app that helps you communicate with others. It comes in handy for getting direct yes/no questions.

Sam Ko, MD, Sam Ko's Emergency Medicine Blog — 4/30/2011